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Rende Progress Capital
Racial Equity Small Business Loan Customers

Rende Progress Capital [RPC] values on racial equity small business loan customers as they allow us to journey with them in our mission to eliminate the racial wealth gap through financing Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color

RPC's loan portfolio is represented by Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color who are 100% owners of their businesses.  70% of our customers received a loan for the first time from any institution, and they represent a diverse racial/ethnic demographic as well as diverse business industries and markets.  For example:

Shea Buttercups, LLC:  Located in Muskegon, MI, this African-American and woman-owned business, founded by a clinical therapist, the business creates a diverse line of products [moisturizer, soaps, balms, etc] via on-line and events---and looks forward to being able to produce a large inventory to enable in store sales.

Nadine's Fish Tips 'N Wings:  Located in Holland, MI at 1111 Washington Ave, Nadine's Fish Tips 'n Wings is a restaurant serving Chicago street food. A prime location due to it being near an exit for I-96, shopping centers, and neighborhoods. Founder and owner, Larry Brothers previously operated as a catering business and continues to offer his services. The anticipated opening is February 2022.  The RPC standard loan received will help Mr. Brothers to pay for restaurant marketing needed to officially open for business.


Scratch By Patria:  Located and operating within the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, MI at 435 Ionia Ave, SE, Scratch By Patria is a catering business that selects and prepares handpicked and fresh ingredients for every dish on behalf of individual and group customers. Truly representative of the business name, Scratch By Patria is becoming known for scratch recipes with robust flavor profiles and beautiful presentation.  A RACE4Progress Loan customer, this business which is owned by Patria Webster, has opened back with repeat customers returning along with new growth in catering bookings.  The RPC RACE4Progress Loan will allow Scratch By Patria to acquire new equipment and technology for operations and product preparation, onsite obligations and mobile enhancements to eliminate barriers to business/on-site catering travel in order to meet the demand of such services.

Daddy's Dough:  Established in 2015 by MarcQus and Tawanna Wright, Daddy's Dough is a wholesale cookie company offering fourteen different high quality offerings of cookies including Snickerdoodle Cream Pie, Oatmeal Cranberry, Apple Cider Cream Pie among other flavors. MarQus and Tawanna were encouraged by their children---who were their first satisfied customers---to officially turn their talent into a business.  The brand has grown over the past six years to a place where more greater retail opportunities will present themselves. In addition to online purchasing, you can find Daddy's Dough desserts at Meijer [specifically, its Bridge Street Market in Grand Rapids and Capital City Market in Lansing], Horrocks and Fresh Thyme.  The RPC standard loan to Daddy's Dough will equip the business to secure new equipment for more production and packaging in order to produce more product batches [orders] to meet demand and address greater retail opportunities and contracts with more stores.

Soldadera Cold Brew Coffee:  This new customer is also RPC's second newest customer of our new loan product, the RISE [Reduced Interest Schedule for Excellence] loan.   A young company that has experienced revenue growth due to online sales, individual sales and product placement in Spartan Nash stores, Soldadera Coffee is owned and managed by partners Mario Rodriguez-Garcia, Gaby Rodriguez-Garcia and Cesar Rodriguez-Fontanel.  Soldadera's cold brew coffee product has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Grand Rapids Business Journal, WGVU Radio, Channel 13 and others. The RISE loan will provide working capital for the company's purchase of sales training software, marketing, Co-packing services and raw materials to produce more of their coffee in an effort to scale their product.


Reliable Medical Transportation:  This was RPC's first loan overall in Fiscal Year 2018 and was the first joint participation loan [with Northern Initiatives in the senior position].  Founded by Mr. Richard Flowers, the company provides door-to-door destination services for the needs of mobility impaired individuals requiring critical transportation services---particularly those of a non-emergency nature.  


RPC considered the loan participation through racial equity processes and criteria, the business double bottom-line of profit and purpose and our research of Kaiser Family Foundation and Urban Institute studies affirming that some structural barriers to employment, health care and business development opportunities for racially diverse communities are due to a lack of accessible and affordable transportation---imperatives that Reliable Medical Transport addresses.   

True2Size Shoes:  Standard loan customer. Founded by Care Allen, True2Size Shoes is an online company providing womxn with fashionable and affordable shoes in hard-to-find sizes, half-sizes and non-standard widths.  Mrs. Allen has been successful in utilizing her business model to meet the needs of a market that prioritizes footwear as a key part of their wardrobe, has a desire for online shopping and values convenient transactions made through technology.  She founded the company based on barriers that she and other womxn faced in finding attractive shoes in higher sizes due to pregnancy, weight and other design restrictions by conventional manufacturers and retailers.  

Last Mile Cafe:  Standard loan customer.  Led by an African-American principal founder and owner Arick Davis, Last Mile Cafe was founded by Davis and Sarah as a coffee business that committed to justice and sustainability.  The Grand Rapids, MI business sells coffee via online and at area stores at South East Market, Pack Elephant, Fulton Street Farmers Market, and more locations to come. Business owners Davis and Laman are busy working on their next project: opening a coffee shop location.  The RPC standard loan will help Davis and Laman pay for bulk product and packaging, as well as the machinery to allow for their product to be mass produced.

Studio 824 Beauty Lounge:  Studio 824 Beauty Lounge, a beauty spa and retailer of skin care products that also provides beauty/skin care treatment services and counseling to women.  Owned by Janiece Stewart, Studio 824 Beauty Lounge is our first line of credit product small business loan customer and the first in our partnership with the Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation. A young business led by Ms. Stewart who is an African-American Female Owner and graduate of SpringGR, RPC approved our loan to Studio 824 Beauty Lounge based on our racial equity criteria, business criteria, the owner's commitment to encouraging entrepreneurship to communities of color and her recent pivot during COVID-19 where Ms. Stewart has developed new online offerings of her product and services that yielded new revenues in April. [Standard Loan Customer]

Testimonial/Comments: "I want to give a huge thank you to Rende Progress Capital for helping with my business goals. They offered funding, as well as advice, resources and information that I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere else. With their help, I am now able to have a line of credit that I can use to grow my business.....Overall, I am so happy to do business with RPC and would recommend them to any minority owned business that is looking to grow and scale their business."

Over the Top Academy of Dance:  Jennifer Smith [Alumnae of SpringGR, an RPC official partner] and her business, Over the Top Academy of Dance is located at 2423 Eastern Avenue, Grand Rapids, MI and is our second Line of Credit/Flexible Term product customer.  Over the Top Academy of Dance has been a staple in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the Alger Heights Neighborhood through its dedication to art and beauty of dance for customers of all ages with dance instruction. [Standard Loan Customer]

Testimonial/Comments: “I am grateful that someone looked at our full portfolio----not just our numbers.  RPC saw us and our business in our full entirety.  I am appreciative of the value that they place on who we are.  Their interest in us went beyond our balance sheet and was also about focusing on who we serve and what we do at our core---not just how profitable we are."

Maily's Dominican Salon and Spa:  Owner Clara Guevara has been a tireless advocate of the Latina market-place for hair and beauty services for local women in need of services inclusive of their language and cultural needs.  For over 20 years, Maily’s Dominican Salon fills those needs as an invaluable service to newcomers to the Grand Rapids area or those who have difficulty finding a salon suited to the Dominican female population---a demographic that locally is among the growing groups of the Grand Rapids Latino population. The standard loan allowed for expansion of staff, upgrades to property for improved customer service and access, advertising and marketing to increase traffic flow and enhance profit.  


Acesso VIP:  Another RACE4Progress Relief Loan Fund customer, Acceso VIP is owned by Ms. Meurry Romero-Munoz.  A Grand Rapids-based company, Acceso VIP specializes in digital marketing and promotion for businesses of all types. In addition to these services that also include event management, the company provides businesses with services in Social Media Management, Photography/Videos, Graphic Design, Website Design and Management---key services amid this time of the pandemic. Asseco VIP holds to a mission to help grow local businesses and amplify their message within the Spanish-speaking community.

LaMejor RadioGR:  Operated by Angelina Morales, LaMejor GR Radio is passionate in serving the Hispanic community with a mission of informing, engaging and entertaining its listeners through news, community event coverage and music. Their local area target market is the Hispanic community at large, which has been among the fastest growing consumer groups. 


The RPC standard loan helped LaMejor GR Radio upgrade equipment, acquire technology to engage with more customers and use analytics that to assist in broadening advertising for revenue enhancement.  The loan also helps provide working capital for operations and marketing.  

United Freedom Painting: United Freedom Painting [Wyoming, MI] provides interior and exterior painting services for commercial and residential clients. Owned by Ms. Santa Matias Gomez, United Freedom Painting has been servicing clients in Michigan with high quality services with a focus on affordability, customer respect and attention to detail. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Knockout Health and Wellness:  Knockout Health and Wellness, owned by Kamethia Wilson, an African-American female, is our first Lakeshore [Muskegon, MI] customer. Ms. Wilson is a veteran and participated in the Michigan Veteran Entrepreneur-Lab at the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Grand Valley State University [an RPC partner].  The business is focused on providing both on-site and on-line active, healthy lifestyle and fitness training classes for individual and organizational clients in the form of lively fitness programs such as boxing and MMA-style workouts.  [Standard Loan Customer]

National Supermarket Two: Located at 1000 Fulton Street West in Grand Rapids, National Supermarket Two is a Grocery Store providing West Side customers---and many throughout Grand Rapids---with authentic Latin American grocery products and take-out food. Owned by Mr. Carol Benjamin Cruz-Toribio, the store also provides various specials and deals attentive to the economic impact of the pandemic to its customers. The store provides a key service to the community through accepting WIC [Women Infants and Children], EBT [Electronic Benefit Transfer] to Bridge Card holders and remittance payment services for shoppers to send money to families in Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Dolly's Delights:  Launched by Stephanie Dolly in 2017, Dolly’s Delights started as a custom-ordering business out of her home in 2016, offering desserts such as cheesecake, pies, cakes, pudding, cake jars, cupcakes and more.  After outgrowing her home and then the Downtown Market Incubator Kitchen, Dolly operated as an incubator tenant inside Cookie Chicks in Comstock Park before moving to Prep Space.

With the help of this standard loan, Dolly’s stated that she will be able to “breathe and finally have some help (to) prepare for the next steps and level.”

40 Acres Soul Kitchen: An authentically American soul food restaurant on Wealthy Street serving a diverse client base, the Grand Rapids, MI based restaurant affirms black culture, community & success. The RPC loan to 40 Acres---owned by African-American businessmen Darel Ross and Lewis Williams---allows working capital to this growing business to manage through the COVID-19 pandemic that previously resulted in the restaurant's 100% closure, replenish food inventory and assist in bringing back staff for employment for its reopening.  [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Dreams By Bella:  Founded and owned by Maria Isabel Lopez-Slattery, Dreams By Bella, a standard loan customer, is a photography studio specializing in commercial photography for a wide range of corporate and organizational clients to provide them high-quality photography and related services needed for websites, marketing materials and other product uses.  Dreams By Bella serves clients ranging from magazine companies and trade associations to colleges and corporations.  The company is now expanding into Commercial/Residential Real Estate Photography.

Hustle. Pray. Eat: Located on the Wealthy Street corridor in Grand Rapids, this young family business provides quality urban street wear. The RPC loan to this business owned by Troy Evans assists the business to address inventory obligations and strengthen its on-line presence to continue their COVID-19 pivot to supplement their model of social, event and on-site product promotion. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer}

Digital Marketing Solutions: An Asian-American owned business founded by Phillip Nguyen, Digital Marketing Solutions is located in Caledonia, MI.  This A+ rated BBB company provides website design services and information technology services and solutions to business clients---particularly the beauty industry. The RPC loan is helping the business address financial obligations, marketing and business operations to mitigate what has been a notable COVID-19 pandemic reduction of clients. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

GRNoir: Owned by an African-American couple Nadia and Shatawn Brigham, this Grand Rapids, MI business is located at 35 Division Ave.  This wine resturant has been making pre-COVID-19 and pandemic business pivots of promoting and selling its special wine library products on-line prior to its restaurant opening plans. The RPC loan has assisted the business amid COVID-19 and the loan provides working capital for business operations and assist GR Noir to open after a delay of its on-site restaurant opening halted due to the pandemic. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

La Casa Del Pollo Loco: La Casa Del Pollo Loco [House of the Crazy Chicken] is located in Grand Rapids at 244 28th Street, SW. Owned by Ms. Idalia Tinoco, this restaurant and catering business specializes in firewood chicken and meats. La Casa Del Pollo provides customers with its breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings.  [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Asia Nails: Owned by Mr. Hai Le, Asia Nails located at 6141 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI is a full-service beauty salon. The business offers a variety of nail care services such as manicure, spa pedicure, nail enhancements, facial and waxing---which are provided through the use of all-natural ingredients. In business since 2015, Asia Nails is committed to using the highest quality products in each of its diverse service areas.

[RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Emonae Korean BBQ Restaurant LLC: Owned by Ms. Myong Yoon Holloway and founded in 2016, Emonae Korean Barbecue Restaurant is located at 6246 28th St SE in Grand Rapids.   Specializing in authentic Korean cuisine and BBQ "with a lot of Seoul in Grand Rapids," Emonae Korean Barbecue offers a variety of its meals and focuses on providing quality consistent food and serving customers genuine dishes like Korean delicacies, soups, vegetarian and tofu and barbecue via dining and online ordering. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Grand Rapids Senior Social Exchange and Adult Day Care: Owned by Ms. Jodie Robertson and founded in 2018, Grand Rapids Senior Social Exchange and Adult Day Care is located at 3212 Eastern SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508.   As only the second business in our portfolio that is in the service space of mental health and wellness for vulnerable populations, Grand Rapids Senior Social Exchange and Adult Day Care supports Grand Rapids-Area Senior Citizens with professional social, behavioral, medical and financial services. In addition, the business provides on-site services, activities and events to seniors while their families and care-givers are attending to errands and other obligations. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Applause For ACE, LLC: Owned by Mr. David Castro Godoy and established in 2012, Applause Catering + Events is located at 3755 Broadmoor Ave Suite C in Grand Rapids. A staple in the Grand Rapids area, Applause Catering + Events, has been the official caterer for many West Michigan events. Applause Catering + Events delivers food boxes to corporate meetings, happy hours or family gatherings. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Thien Ly, Alterations Inc: Owned by Mr. Lee Thien Ly, Lee Tailors was established in 2003 and is located at 3700 Rivertown Parkway, Suite 1156 in Grandville.  With much success in the Grandville area, Lee Tailors has been in the dry cleaning and tailoring business for nearly two decades. Additionally, Lee Tailors provides custom tailoring and alterations for formal attire as well as casual wear, upholstery, leather works and embroidery. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Taylor's Home Care, LLC: Owned by Mr. Thurman Taylor, an intrepid African-American businessman, Taylor's Home Care was established in 2015. Located at 1505 Morewood Drive SE in Grand Rapids and also providing its services at contracting sites, Taylor's Home Care provides senior citizens within and outside of Grand Rapids with assisted living and care services. The business focuses on keeping seniors independent and active in a safe, enjoyable and home-like setting through non-medical assistance services, meals, housekeeping and amenities as well as transportation. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

DJ Blaze, LLC: Mr. Steven Bryant is the owner of DJ Blaze in Grand Rapids. He has continued to move his business forward by focusing on adding his fledging celebrity customer market to his client base----despite the challenges and losses that COVID-19 has presented to him, his family and his business.  Established in 2008, DJ Blaze has been entertaining the Grand Rapids community through weekend DJ Services for weddings and parties. [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]

Mosby's Popcorn:  Launched in 2015 by  Brian and Shavyea Mosby.  One of two RPC racial equity loan customers located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mosby's Popcorn can be found at 15 Ionia Ave SW.  Mosby's has a vast offering of specialty flavored popcorn serving customers at their location as well as their services to clients for major events and activities such as ArtPrize, Grand Valley State University and other corporations and organizations.  [RACE4Progress Loan Customer]


Testimonial/Comments:   The RPC loan will help "adjust [in a COVID-19 environment] to increase our visibility online and the ability to expand our online presence" in addition to its at-location sales.  

Taxes At Tiffany's:  Launched in 2020 by Tiffany Sherman, Taxes At Tiffany's has experienced the growth in clients and revenue that among other things is spurring the planned move of this business into downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Taxes at Tiffany is a tax preparation and book keeping service located in Grand Rapids, MI that Ms. Sherman has been committed to ensuring is an affordable alternative to high priced firms. According to Ms. Sherman, she created the business---starting with servicing clients by advertising with a sign in her yard---to provide tax preparation services for individuals who cannot retain high priced accounting firms and distrust large national franchises.

Ms. Sherman is our first customer of our RISE standard loan, a product that reduces in annual interest rate for borrowers who make all on-time payments throughout their proceeding years.



Dreams By Bella

Owner: Isabel Lopez-Slattery

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