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Rende Progress Capital hopes that our loans---and how we provide them---will positively change the life and businesses of our borrowers.  We also hope to create positive change for communities and families because our borrowers will have high growth businesses to hire people, serve more customers and pass on wealth to their children.


Rende Progress Capital provides loans through a combination of traditional loan approval criteria merged with our FAREsm system (Financing Approval through Racial Equity).  FARE is used to establish character criteria for a borrower and provide important information and lending decisions that traditional lenders cannot and do not use.

If you share more about your business and needs, we will look forward to contacting you.  We will look to consider and serve customers throughout 2020-2021.

Click Apply Here to register and begin the online application process. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your application and goals. We are here to help you navigate on your journey, and find a solution that is customized to suit your needs.

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Please download and save the documents to your computer prior to emailing them to RPC. Please read the instructions at the beginning of the application packet prior to starting.

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