RPC Interview on WGVU/National Public Radio with Shelley Irwin

Rende Progress Capital [RPC] Co-founder, Chair and Managing Director Eric K. Foster appeared on Shelley Irwin's Inclusion Show on WGVU/National Public Radio in an interview to talk about RPC's distinctive mission of providing racial equity oriented loans, investments and services to Excluded Entrepreneurs who face barriers to conventional lending due to racial bias.

The 11 minute interview with host Shelley Irwin at the WGVU/National Public Radio headquarters specifically focused on RPC's first loan, new incoming staff members, 2019 outlook for Excluded Entrepreneur-owned businesses and outlook on access to capital. RPC and Foster extends appreciation to WGVU, customers, partners, staff, board, co-founder Cuong Huynh and investors.

The audio interview and be accessed by visiting the following link:


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