RPC Announces New Staff Members

Rende Progress Capital (RPC) announces the hiring of the RPC Opportunity and Lending Officer and RPC Business Development Director for Opportunity. Joining the executive management, these two new staff members are central to serving Excluded Entrepreneur business owners who face barriers to many conventional loans and investments due to bias.

John Hendershot is the RPC Business Development Director for Opportunity who is responsible for cultivating and engaging Excluded Entrepreneurs and providing them with business technical assistance to prepare them for RPC loans and investments. Kevin Davis is the RPC Opportunity and Lending Officer, and is responsible for recommending RPC business loan applications of Excluded Entrepreneurs for approval.

For more information on this announcement regarding John and Kevin joining the RPC team, please visit download the full press release announcement by going to https://www.rendeprogresscapital.com/downloads and select Press Release: Staff Announcement

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