RPC announces loan to Maily's Dominican Salon as first women-owned business of color customer

Rende Progress Capital [RPC] announces its approval of a small business loan to a Grand Rapids-area business that also marks the racial equity loan fund's first woman of color owned business. The loan to Maily’s Dominican Salon is led by a Latina businesswoman, Clara Guevara.

Maily’s Dominican Salon fulfills needs and an invaluable service to newcomers to the Grand Rapids area or those who have difficulty finding a salon suited to the Dominican female population. The loan will allow for expansion of staff, property upgrades for improved customer service/access, advertising and marketing to increase traffic flow and enhance profit.

“RPC is pleased that Maily’s Dominican Salon is one of our new loan customers based on business considerations, our racial equity standards and the business being led by an entrepreneur heading a household with children....[and] Clara’s dedication to diverse customers.....We also appreciate the West Michigan Chamber of Commerce for connecting us with this business," stated RPC Co-founder, Chair and Managing Director Eric K. Foster.

Please visit the following link for the full press release announcement by selecting the Press Release titled Press Release: RPC Press Release: Maily's Salon at https://www.rendeprogresscapital.com/downloads

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