RPC announces loan to LaMejor GR Radio as first media/communications loan customer

Rende Progress Capital [RPC] announces its approval of a small business loan to LaMejor Radio GR. A station that is dedicated to the local diverse market of the Grand Rapids area Hispanic community, LaMejor Radio GR is also dedicated to inclusive hiring practices and technology integration in its business model and culturally competent programming in news, community event coverage and music. The loan to LaMejor Radio GR is led by a businesswoman, Angelina Morales.

LaMejor Radio GR will use the RPC loan to expand and strengthen its operations through upgrading equipment, acquiring technology to engage with more customers and use analytics that will assist in broadening advertising for revenue enhancement. The loan also helps provide working capital for operations and marketing.

RPC considered this enterprise based on business considerations, the station’s embrace of technology in its business model, our racial equity standards, the station’s commitment to a diverse market, current and planned hiring of diverse staff. RPC Co-founder, Chair and Managing Director Eric K. Foster remarked that, “Their slogan ‘Without Borders’ guides their promotion of education, local business and news on issues from technology to health that are impactful to the community.....We value their dedication to diverse customers, working with us in technical assistance programs to improve and persevering through barriers to receive a first-time loan." stated RPC Co-founder, Chair and Managing Director Eric K. Foster.

Please visit the following link for the full press release announcement by selecting the Press Release titled Press Release: RPC Press Release: LaMejor Radio GR at https://www.rendeprogresscapital.com/downloads

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