RPC announces new loan customer---Over The Top Academy of Dance

Rende Progress Capital [RPC] Rende Progress Capital [RPC] is pleased to announce and highlight another new racial equity small business loan customer---- Over the Top Academy of Dance.

An existing in need of capital for continued progress through COVID-19 and growth in services and programs to a diverse base of customers, Over the Top Academy of Dance is also one of RPC’s flexible loan term product customers. Owner Ms. Jennifer Smith, an African-American business leader, is an accomplished dance instructor and alum of business mentoring services of SpringGR. Over the past decades, Ms. Smith has taken her proficiency and love of dance, performing arts and expression into a successful business model where Over the Top Academy of Dance has displayed growth, demand and perseverance through COVID-19 adjustments to continue dance instruction and activities in tap, ballet, hip-hop and jazz to individuals, groups, children and families.

Ms. Smith will utilize RPC financing to provide renovations to the business location, make equipment purchases to provide new offerings and services and make upgrades to the studio in order to meet the growth and demand expected from current and future customers in programs ranging from dance instruction to new programs such as Movement Collective, Hotties In Heels and Boys Pre-Sports Programs.

Ms. Smith remarked that "I am grateful that someone looked at our full portfolio----not just our numbers. RPC saw us and our business in our full entirety. I am appreciative of the value that they place on who we are. Their interest in went beyond our balance sheet and was also about focusing on who we serve and what we do at our core---not just how profitable we are. The entire process was thorough from loan application to a loan closing that they made very special. I appreciate how RPC made an intentional effort to know us.”

Please visit the following link for the full press release announcement by selecting the Press Release titled RPC.Loan.Over.The.Top at https://www.rendeprogresscapital.com/downloads

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