Highlight and Continued Example of Newest Lakeshore Area Customer

As Rende Progress Capital [RPC] Managing Director Eric Foster was invited this summer to present and speak on our racial equity small business lending at the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance Annual Summit, RPC appreciated the coincidence of this message to the Lakeshore area audience as RPC welcomed more new customers from this great part of Michigan.

Another example of focus and growth in serving the broader West Michigan Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color, is one of our new customers, Shea Buttercups by TahLee LLC. This business located in Muskegon, Michigan promotes natural skin products for self care and healing.

Shea Buttercups by TahLee products are currently sold online and in the West Michigan area at pop up events and farmers markets. Business owner Partee has great intentions for continued growth through various channels in sales and marketing to expand her product offerings.

Led by an African-American clinical therapist, TahLee Partee decided to create natural and nutrient filled skin products for the community. She noticed the area is severely lacking in alternative skin care options that are not filled with additives and could potentially be condition- worsening for many people of color.

As Shea Buttercups continues its dedication and care for creating a diverse line of products [moisturizer, soaps, balms, etc] via on-line and events---the business looks forward to being able to produce a large inventory to enable in store sales.

The RPC standard loan will allow for Partee to have funds available for products, machinery, and marketing.

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