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Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Podcast with RPC on Economic Equity

Rende Progress Capital [RPC] is focused on informing the market about racial economic equity just as we are focused on providing our racial equity small business lending to Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color.

We value the fact that we are in partnership with so many who intentionally use their media platforms to highlight the challenges and opportunities within racial economic equity through media platforms, articles and research.

Most recently, Eric K. Foster, RPC Co-founder, Chair and Managing Director had the opportunity to discuss such matters with the team at the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union and their "Wallet Watch" Podcast.

You can access and listen to Michigan State University Federal Credit Union's Wallet Watch "Including the Excluded with Rende Progress Capital" podcast episode from July 14th. It may be found on Apple Podcast [Search for Wallet Watch], Spotify, Podbean, or wherever you find your podcasts.

Additionally below is a link to an article by MSUFCU on the episode for their Financial 4.0 website.