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RPC Introduces and Welcomes new Loan Officer, Elisa Starnes

Elisa Starnes is RPC's new Associate Partner for Lending Opportunity and Administration. In this position Ms. Starnes leads RPC's work in small business loan origination, underwriting, recommending RPC business loan applicants, conducting loan application management, analysis, direct loan servicing with customers and some new loan customer cultivation.

In addition, based on her experience in facilitating quality control processes and systems for credit union customers and staff, Ms. Starnes manages RPC lending processes and assists the RPC Managing Director with quality control of loan---and some organizational---administrative systems.

Ms. Starnes brings eight years of experience in the areas of commercial lending, business loan development, member services, loan account management, customer service, new client development and loan product outreach from her time with the United Federal Credit Union in St. Joseph, MI, Comerica Bank and 1st Source Bank. In addition to her technical work at the credit union on developing loans, Ms. Starnes also has been a leader in the people-focused and customer relations aspects of loan matters through her positions as a Member Services Advisor and Customer Service Representative. She is a native of Kalamazoo, MI.

Co-founder and General Manager Cuong Huynh noted that in addition to the technical loan officer skills, Elisa's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion matches with RPC's unique mission.

"On behalf of our current and future customers, fellow staff, board and loan committee, we are pleased to welcome Elisa Starnes to the RPC team. Among the many skill sets that she will contribute to at RPC, we appreciate the fact that during her time with conventional lending institutions, she was a member and active participant of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion council to equip her institution with the values and culture to make stakeholders feel respected and empowered. We are excited that her passion in this area aligns with our values, systems and intentional lending to Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color," stated Huynh.