RPC Launches eLearning Business Technical Assistance Platform

Rende Progress Capital [RPC] announces our eLearning Business Technical Assistance platform through Thinkific for Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color---available to both current customers and non-customers at [RPC@Thinkific] https://rpc-ta.thinkific.com/

RPC's on-site and web conference business technical assistance sessions have served many of our customers and potential borrowers who appreciate our offerings. RPC always engages with Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color to ask them for improvements of our program, sessions and method of delivery. As a racial equity small business lender valuing the agency, voice and ideas of Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color who often are not heard, we always look to respond.

While many Excluded Entrepreneurs desire live sessions, many others requested the ability to 'return' to past sessions via video and materials for additional technical assistance to help strengthen their business, increase their performance and profit, and improve access to capital or loan performance.

Customers [contact RPC for coupon code] and non-customers [fee based] can visit our website at https://rpc-ta.thinkific.com/ to setup their login account, place orders, complete courses, visit the resource library and more for their business technical assistance needs.

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