RPC Welcomes new standard loan customers Taxes At Tiffany's and Soldadera Coffee

Rende Progress Capital [RPC] is pleased to announce and welcome to the RPC Racial Equity Small Business Loan Portfolio family two new loan customers---Taxes At Tiffany's and Soldadera Coffee.

As COVID-19 and the Delta variant have made our lives, the market and lending somewhat uncertain at times, Rende Progress Capital [RPC] has remained committed and hard-working on continuing some of our current pandemic relief lending as well as our standard lending.

RPC has appreciated some encouraging indicators in our deal flow and applications that there are Excluded Entrepreneurs of Color-owned businesses who, while conducting their operations in a COVID-19 environment, have positive operations, revenue growth and lending needs for our standard lending---and these two new customers who are the newest under our standard lending as well as our new loan product, the RISE [Reduced Interest Schedule for Excellence] Loan:

Taxes At Tiffany's: Launched in 2020 by Tiffany Sherman, Taxes At Tiffany's has experienced the growth in clients and revenue that among other things is spurring the planned move of this business into downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Taxes at Tiffany is a tax preparation and book keeping service located in Grand Rapids, MI that Ms. Sherman has been committed to ensuring is an affordable alternative to high priced firms. According to Ms. Sherman, she created the business---starting with servicing clients by advertising with a sign in her yard---to provide tax preparation services for individuals who cannot retain high priced accounting firms and distrust large national franchises.

Ms. Sherman is our first customer of our RISE standard loan, a product that reduces in annual interest rate for borrowers who make all on-time payments throughout their proceeding years.

To learn more about Taxes At Tiffany's: https://www.facebook.com/TaxTiff1/

Soldadera Cold Brew Coffee: This new customer is also RPC's second newest customer of our new loan product, the RISE [Reduced Interest Schedule for Excellence] loan. A young company that has experienced revenue growth due to online sales, individual sales and product placement in Spartan Nash stores, Soldadera Coffee is owned and managed by partners Mario Rodriguez-Garcia, Gaby Rodriguez-Garcia and Cesar Rodriguez-Fontanel. Soldadera's cold brew coffee product has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Grand Rapids Business Journal, WGVU Radio, Channel 13 and others. The RISE loan will provide working capital for the company's purchase of sales training software, marketing, Co-packing services and raw materials to produce more of their coffee in an effort to scale their product.

To learn more about Soldadera: https://soldaderacoffee.com/

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