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Statement on The Killing of Patrick Lyoya

April 15, 2022----

The hurt within Grand Rapids, Michigan resulting from the killing of Patrick Lyoya is deep and traumatizing for the family and friends of Mr. Lyoya, as well as for the community. For those who assisted him and his family in arriving to this country and Grand Rapids as a refugee for an enriching experience of opportunity, safety and security, his death is both contradictory and confusing. Condolences and thoughts are with those family members and friends.

Within this space that every man, woman and child deserve to call a home free of inequity, mistreatment and violence, many in the local human family of Grand Rapids---like their neighbors throughout the nation---once again face the unfair burden to mourn while simultaneously being expected to fulfill a call for change. That is an inequity in itself, particularly as individuals and organizations in my hometown have for years tirelessly lifted their voices to systems of power in calling for change.

Therefore at this time---and as always within an imperfect union and community---it is the obligation of those in authority and power to commit to accountability in all aspects of this investigation with the same expectancy they have for a justifiably frustrated community to be patient and peaceful.

Eric K. Foster

Co-founder, Chair and Managing Director

Rende Progress Capital